1968 Jaguar E-Type OTS

This is one of the very few projects that drove here under its own power. Many of the cars we restore tend to come into the shop in many pieces and parts, for this E-Type we had an opportunity to record the build from the very beginning and assess the parts as they came off the car.

Like many customers, David and Tara Ostby have owned and loved this car for many years and explained that this was the first time they had been separated from the car since purchased. The car had been painted some years ago and when we knocked down the paint saw that there was a fair amount of typical Jaguar rust damage in the sills and floors. We also found some weakness in the birdcage area up front.

David intends to own this car “forever” so we built him a car that will last, too. The body is now solid, and all wiring, electrical, and mechanical systems have been gone through, and rebuilt as needed. This is a really spectacular car, and one the Ostbys will be proud to own for a long time.

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