1965 Ferrari 330GT 2+2

Enzo Ferrari himself declared the Series 1 330 GT 2+2 as his favorite and regular driver

Sport and Specialty restorations

This beautiful Ferrari is a complete nut-and bolt-restoration – and more. 

An unfortunate accident almost finished this car. It was rear ended and pushed into a telephone pole and ended up looking like a silver fortune cookie, with very few usable body components left. Randy Hughes, the car’s owner, has grown very attached to her and wanted us to bring her back to new. We put together a plan to bring the car back to show condition.

This required an entire re-body of the car. A donor body was found, and while in pretty rough shape it was still in much better shape than the original.

All body rot was replaced and all new rubber was sourced. The engine and transmission were in good mechanical shape, with the differential recently rebuilt by us.

It became obvious that once the bodywork and paint was completed, the interior and cosmetic condition of the rest of the car would need to be upgraded. There were also some items that had simply worn out due to their age prior to the accident.

The interior was completely replaced and all gauges, switches, and electrical components were refurbished or replaced. It has been a very long process with the sourcing of many hard to find items challenging.

Since we started this project, the demand for these cars has skyrocketed along with their value. The time and effort put into this car will surely pay off, as it is now an excellent example of the Ferrari marque.

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