1956 Austin Healey 100S Tribute

As the prices for the actual Austin-Healey 100S cars have skyrocketed, a customer in St. Louis approached Sport and Specialty to build a unique one.

The car was engineered by Mark Baker with the intention of utilizing the best attributes of the 100S, while improving upon its inherent weaknesses, making it more friendly in today’s driving environment.

Starting life as a 100M, the car was given a completely new Kilmartin Sheetmetal chassis, correct body styling, as well as add on components to include a custom fabricated 100S oval style opening and grill. The interior was done correctly as a 100S, to include the properly vented seats and steering wheel. The four cylinder 100 engine was modified to produce 145 horsepower on pump gas, and cruise smoothly with taller gearing and a non-standard overdrive unit.

It was indeed intended as a tribute car, not a replica, as evidenced by the left-hand drive steering and rear exiting exhaust. All-in-all, a very special build, winning Best of Show at the 2010 Austin Healey Club of America Conclave in Galena, IL.

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