1953 MGTF High Performance Special

The owner of this car wanted to do something very unique and special. An MG fanatic, he had Sport and Specialty build him an MG Hot Rod Special. Starting with a fresh MGTF tub, as the original was well worn, the build began. The intent was to make a “sleeper” that looked like a normal TF, but had plenty of surprises underneath. Starting with the drivetrain, a basically stock MGB motor was given the supercharged treatment. To keep things undercover, the intake manifold was adapted to move the blower back to clear the narrow hood line of the TF. This meant extending the blower driveshaft to line up with the drive pulleys. This offered a nice peaceful idle, but a real rush when punched.

Moving the power to the rear wheels occurred through a 5 speed Ford Sierra based gearbox adapted to the MGB bell housing. Past the transmission, the rear wheels were driven with a heavier duty MGC differential and gear set. To stop the car, four wheel disc brakes were engineered and added to the chassis, using MGB fronts and Jaguar based rear calipers. The corners used custom valved shocks and somewhat wider wire wheels and tires.

The bodywork is gorgeous and has a very deep black finish. The chrome is flawless and the radiator is a work of art by itself. The interior is custom leather and the top and side curtains both fit to a tee. An aftermarket period correct was heater installed to make the look perfect.

The car runs and drives wonderfully. It tracks smoothly and handles well for a 60 year old car. The performance is stellar thanks to the engine and brake upgrades, and the fit and finish is first rate. 

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