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The cars in this section reflect the best of what we have done. Most of the cars we restore are ready to show, either locally or nationally. Some of our cars are exceptional – in these cases, they may simply have a special place in the owner’s heart, the car in and of itself deserves special attention, or we just really like the way they turned out.

1961 Jaguar E Type

This has been a labor of love here. We were given the go ahead to restore this lovely car to Jaguar Club of North America Gold Concours standards. Finished in 2019, it went on to win the National Concours E Type Title Championship. It had two consecutive 100 point showings! Henry Platts is the proud owner of this car which had belonged to his late father. The car had been in storage for many years prior to the exhaustive nut and bolt restoration.
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1967 Austin Healey BJ8

This car has a new Kilmartin chassis and typical Sport and Specialty quality body and paint work. Since the car was already white, we decided to brighten it up with the blue coves, leather interior, Mini Lite style wheels, and an Everfast blue top. The car also sports a five speed in place of the 4 speed and OD, as the original trans was useless. A wonderful car to drive and is winning a few awards!
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1937 Ford Two-Man Indy Racer

Building to a 1937 Indy car spec. Flat head Ford power and period racing pieces throughout. Listen to that Flathead Ford roar!
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1973 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV

This was a complete no expense spared nut and bolt restoration. This included a rotisserie complete strip to bare metal with concours quality body and paint work. All systems and components were evaluated and restored, or replaced. Some components were upgraded, but all with period available parts. Probably one of the finest GTVs in the States.
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1966 Austin Healey BJ8

This car has seen Chuck and Edie Anderson – founding members of the Austin Healey Club of America – through too many drives and events to count. After a traffic encounter at Conclave, they had the car brought in for the damage to be repaired and for a freshening. It was an honor to deliver it back to them in French Lick, IN at the 2018 Conclave.
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Sport and Specialty restorations

1965 Ferrari 330GT 2+2

This beautiful Ferrari is a complete nut-and bolt-restoration – and more. An unfortunate accident almost finished this car. It was rear ended and pushed into a telephone pole and ended up looking like a silver fortune cookie, with very few usable body components left. Randy Hughes, the car’s owner, has grown very attached to her and wanted us to bring her back to new. We put together a plan to bring the car back to show condition..
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Sport and Specialty Aston Martin DB MK3

1957 AstonMartin-DB MK III

This car, belonging to Peter Conover of Oak Park, IL, has become a favorite among the Midwest British car community. Finished in 2011, Peter drives this beautiful car long distances every year to show it. Peter was very active in the restoration of the car, making weekly 150 mile round trips to Sport and Specialty to work on the car personally. Peter maintains the car religiously and takes enormous pride in its appearance and upkeep.
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Sport and Specialty 1968 Jaguar Series 1.5

1968 Jaguar E-Type OTS

This is one of the very few projects that drove here under its own power. Many of the cars we restore tend to come into the shop in many pieces and parts, for this E-Type we had an opportunity to record the build from the very beginning and assess the parts as they came off the car.

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Sport and Specialty 1954 Austin Healey BN1

1954 Austin-Healey BN1

This car had its restoration started at a body shop that was to work on it when they had free time. After many years, nothing much was complete, and the work quality was sub-par for such a nice car. This beautiful right-hand drive car is now a spectacular example early an Austin-Healey winning national honors at car shows.

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