1948 Triumph 2000

This unique car came in not running and with overheating issues. Newly acquired by a Healey customer, we set about making it safe and reliable. First, we got all of the gauges working and made sure the doors opened and closed with regularity and then tackled the various mechanical issues. Among the major issues were that the right front spindle was junk and had to be machined for a new bearing. The thermostat housing was completely disintegrated and held together with an oversized hose. All of the material from the thermostat housing ended up in the radiator which had to be re-cored. We also rebuilt the distributor and replaced the points and condenser as the rubbing block was basically gone. Down the road, we’re looking to try an electronic ignition as well as a higher voltage coil to make sure this beauty remains running nicely and used regularly.

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