Our Work

A look at some of our cars in the shop, on the road, and on the track

Concours Showcase

The cars in this section reflect the best of what we have done. Most of the cars we restore are ready to show, either locally or nationally. Some of our cars are exceptional – as they are usually unique cars – or they have been restored to a standard beyond most others.

In the Shop

Many people are amazed at the process that goes into working on classic cars. Follow along as we work through these projects, preserving the heart and soul of these sports cars.

On the Road

We love every car that comes through the shop. Some are full restorations, some need to be brought back to life, and others simply need some maintenance. Here are some of our most recent projects and cool cars.

On the Track

Many of our cars spend a lot of their time on the race track. Here are some of the beautiful machines that have passed through our hands recently. Look for them at race track near you!

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