Vintage Racing

Building and Maintaining Vintage Race Cars

We look to build race cars to be reliable as well as fast. As the old saying goes, “To finish first, you must first finish!”. We have built, prepared and raced many cars. The most fun cars, are also the most reliable.

Our number one priority when building vintage racing cars is safety. The first document we look at is the GCR, General Competition Rules for the organization the car will be competing in. Typically that would include; the roll over structure, seat rules, belts and harnesses, fuel cells, fuel and electrical shut offs, etc. We also ensure the driver is properly fitted to car and the safety equipment fits them too. All drivetrain and suspension work is done based on the owner’s needs.

Once the safety aspects are addressed, we look at the level of preparation desired. Will the car be used strictly for the track? Will the car be towed or trailered? How many races per season will it compete in? How much maintenance is tolerable? Also, we make certain that the cars are easily maintained and all important components are accessible.

In the case of already prepared cars, a thorough inspection is needed to make certain the car is both legal and safe. We offer an inspection service to ascertain the value of any car being considered for competition use.

Our Race Cars

Click through some of the other racing pictures below from our participation in vintage racing events. As we like to say, sports cars should be run at sporting events! Also, make sure to see our Cars on the Track section of the race cars we’ve prepped.

Checkered Past Vintage Race GroupSport and Specialty - CPVRG

Sport and Specialty is a proud sponsor of the Checkered Past Vintage Race Group. Many of the photos you see in the above gallery are of the club members and their cars. John Saccameno is one of the founding members of the group and looks forward to racing with the team each season.

Vintage Racing Services

Driver Coaching

Sport and Specialty is six miles from Blackhawk Farms Raceway. We have the ability to prepare both the car and driver for competition. John Saccameno is a Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs licensed and certified instructor. He also holds driving privileges with VSCDA and is licensed by the Vintage Motorsports Council. In addition, John has a huge amount of experience at Blackhawk Farms and has helped many drivers find the fast line around the track. Contact John directly through the shop.

Race Safety Inspections

We can provide technical inspections for MCSCC vehicles, as well as give guidance for most US vintage racing organizations. We can review General Competition Rules as they apply to your car and ensure compliance at your event. This is extremely important when preparing a car for a new sanctioning body, or new race series. In addition, we can supply and install most needed safety gear.

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