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Things move quickly around our shop. Some are here for just a little service, some for repair, and of course some for full restoration. Follow along and you can watch the progress, and see what new projects come along.

1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000

This much loved GTV is being restored to better-than-new with many upgrades, both mechanically and cosmetically. The owner is a real Alfa fan and has been laying his plans for quite some time. Stay tuned for a custom interior, subtle clean ups of the body, all prior to some high tech engine work being prepared at another highly respected Alfa Romeo shop.

1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia

This sparkling Spider had been the object of affection of a friend of ours for many years, and he decided to let us finish up his little jewel. There are always just a few things that we can do, simply because we do them all of the time. We look forward to hearing of their adventures.

1966 Austin Healey BJ8

This car had a not-so-proper early restoration which left it looking OK on the outside, but needing some love and attention inside and underneath. We have installed a new Jule chassis and will make this car ride and handle as great as it will look.

1989 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider

A friend of John’s inquired as to the cost of resurrecting this car from a long sleep to sell. After a few conversations they decided that it would be best to be bought for the shop and we would do the work internally as a loaner or Rideshare car. It’s currently being slowly brought back to a neat, clean, and reliable condition.

1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta “Barchetta”

This owner, a well respected Alfa racer, has been dreaming up his perfect street car for years. We are building him his vision of a true driver’s car, sans most customary street trim. The color is a period custom color and the body has undergone an extensive restoration. This is one special car!

1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce

Owned by a long-time friend and member of North Suburban Sports Car Club, Ross Fosbender, John bought this car from his wife Cheryl in 2019. A mishap many years ago sent the car to the garage where it was parked for some time. This car is # 853 out 1,019 produced that year. It will be returned to grey with a red interior and a black cloth top.

1960 MGA 1600

This car was found by Ken and rescued for restoration attention. Affectionately known as the $500.00 MGA (as the owner was just happy to get it out of her back yard) the body of this car was very straight and no major chassis work was needed. The stock wood floors helped. It will be returned back to black with a red interior and grey top and tonneau.

1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

This rare Sprint is having a complete exterior restoration. The body was very rough when it arrived. All of the panels are now aligned, and the gaps and hinges work nicely. This will be a super nice car when finished.

1965 Series 1 Jaguar E-Type

This car languished in a body shop for over eight years. The body was rust free, but had been severely abused by attempts to remove the paint. An attempted V8 transplant ruined the bird cage, and necessitated replacement. The car is finished in an original dark blue and will sport a British tan interior. An engine rebuild is in process.

1963 Austin Healey BJ7 Race Car

This project started out with a twin car being built by John and the Sport and Specialty founder Mark Baker. The intent was to build special cars engineered along the lines of the 1960s Sebring racers. After John took over the business he traded his project for a Caterham 7 and stored this car until his other projects were completed. This car will be finished in Aston Martin racing green and be a track only car boasting many high-performance modifications.

1962 Austin Healey 3000

Complete nut and bolt restoration, body, paint, drive line, interior.

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