Updates, New Crew Members, Jaguars, Alfas, and Healey Eye Candy

Updates, New Crew Members, Jaguars, Alfas, and Healey Eye Candy

As official Content Strategist (Internet Guy) and photographer for Sport and Specialty, I get the pleasure of spending time at the shop to catch up on the newest work and meet the newest crew members. This last trip was preceding VSCDA’s Blackhawk Classic so the energy was even higher than usual.

Many, many updates to come about the work going on “In The Shop” but for now, meet the new crew member Jon Edwards and a his story. Anyone who has visited has probably also met Cameron Schmidt in the shop, but now he’s officially elevated to apprentice status so now you’ll see him getting his hands into the rudimentary details of the work around the shop. 

Oh, and about that eye candy…

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Engine and Brakes for the Mustang!

Engine and Brakes for the Mustang!

What goes must stop. Ryan Vetter got a crucial delivery for Jim’s 1968 Mustang. Now we can do measurements and build arounds. We’re not in British Leyland territory with this one. Make sure to follow the Mustang’s progress in our In the Shop section of the site. 

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Top 10 Sport and Specialty “On The Road” Cars in 2018 – It’s Been a Great Year

Top 10 Sport and Specialty “On The Road” Cars in 2018 – It’s Been a Great Year


It’s that time of year to reflect on our accomplishments in 2018, and it was a great year for us at Sport and Specialty. We worked, we played, we raced, and we even hired a new operations manager for the shop! Things are already looking great for 2019, too.

Looking back over 2018 we’re proud to see the cars that gained “On The Road” status in 2018. They included Austin-Healeys, Jaguars, Alfa Romeos, and even a small armored car…seriously. We made sure that every project got that special attention that their owners count on from us. We’re serious when we say that we preserve the art and soul of vintage sports cars. 

Take a look through our Top 10 “On The Road” cars list below. Just like our children, we really don’t play favorites, they’re all special to us in their own way. Also, make sure to check out our full list of On The Road cars, it’s one of our most popular pages on the website. 

Happy New Year, everyone!


#10 – 1965 Austin Healey 3000 BJ8

This car is another re-commission project, having sat for a few years. Some engine work, body work, and a fresh new top and set of tires has this one back on the road being enjoyed by its owner.



#9 –1966 Austin Healey 3000

With some extensive front end damage, this beauty got refreshed from head-to-toe. We repaired the collision damage and then freshened the paint, interior, and mechanical components to get this one back to the car shows. Make sure to check out the smiles on the owner’s faces as they show it off to their friends.

#8 – 1948 Triumph 2000 Roadster

This unique car came in not running and with overheating issues. Newly acquired by a Healey customer, we set about making it safe and reliable. First, we got all of the gauges working and made sure the doors opened and closed with regularity and then tackled the various mechanical issues. Read on to learn more about this project.

#7 – 1971 Alfa Romeo Kamm Tail Spider

This is a first year Kamm Tail 1750 Spider with only 4,829 produced. We had been working to slowly refurbish the car that would include a full engine rebuild in 2017 when I couldn’t help myself and bought the car for my personal use. You can see and read more on the website. 

#6 –1965 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider

This car belonged to our friend and Ferrari aficionado Tom Caulfield. We have been servicing the car for years, including an engine overhaul. The current owner, and another regular customer, recently brought it in for a few minor issues and a new exhaust. We also did a service check on this very original and really nice Duetto and got him back on the road. 

#5 – 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint

This car had been sitting for a quite a few years and been started but not used on the road for a while. It’s a really nice and well-loved car that had an older restoration but needed some service and refreshing.

#4 – Ferret Armored Car

We worked on a Land Rover last year for a customer who has some interesting vehicles. He recently acquired this Ferret Armored Scout Car that he hasn’t been able to get started and asked if we would like a go at it. After a fair amount of troubleshooting we got the six cylinder Rolls Royce gasoline engine to pop, but not run consistently. It was fun to have here for a while, but we don’t see a new niche opening up soon.

#3 – 1969 Alfa Romeo GTV Race Car

It seems that race cars are never really done and are basically new every two or three years. In 2017 I had an issue on the dyno and had to rebuild in a hurry. I got back to the dyno in June of 2018 where I finally got it dialed in, with great torque numbers and good peak horsepower coming in at 7200 RPM. A fresh clutch, gearbox rebuild, some fresh paint on the nose, and some early prep will pay dividends in 2019. Ready to go!!

#2 –1969 Jaguar Series 2 E-Type

This survivor car had been stored in a clean dry environment since the mid 1970s. We brought it back mechanically, got it running, and rebuilt the suspension and drivetrain. Now, with all new glass, trim, and a fresh paint job, the owner is all smiles and back on the road.

#1 – 1965 Ferrari 330GT 2+2

Enzo Ferrari himself declared the Series 1 330 GT 2+2 as his favorite and regular driver. This beautiful Ferrari is a complete nut-and bolt-restoration – and more. An unfortunate accident almost finished this car. It was rear ended and pushed into a telephone pole and ended up looking like a silver fortune cookie, with very few usable body components left. To read the rest of the story of this build, check it out in our Concours Showcase

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A Fast Five – Learning to How Balance My Passion With My Livelihood

A Fast Five – Learning to How Balance My Passion With My Livelihood

Hurray! In a few days I will celebrate five years as a small business owner. I often believe I have made it over the hump, but I know enough to never become complacent when moving forward. I hear a lot about “Living the Dream,” but there are some days I wish I had a boss to dump stuff on, weekends and vacation days, and was back on a “Direct Deposit” plan. But yeah, mostly, things are working out the way I had hoped.

While the automobile restoration business may not move at the speeds of the high tech industry, it certainly doesn’t remain static. Marque values fluctuate, the economy ebbs and flows, projects explode, regulations change, and costs and taxes never go down. These are all things I found I needed to pay attention to in order to stay current.

Without a doubt, I have been blessed with talented employees and grateful customers which have allowed us to deliver exceptional cars and grow our reputation as a place to bring work to if you want it done properly. It would be far easier to provide “good enough” work, even when you know it should be superior quality. By delivering best quality, I have found few things more satisfying than having people comment in superlatives when they see our work in person.

“Good enough” wouldn’t get us the same reactions, and won’t be enough to sustain the future reputation of Sport and Specialty which began twenty plus years ago. Without any snide comments from my friends who may playfully disagree, the good news is I’m still young and enthusiastic enough to do this for quite a while.

It’s been an interesting trip in making the move from hobbyist to professional. I am keenly aware of the slippery slope of losing your passion once your passion becomes your livelihood. I have found that an important part of staying passionate, is being passionate. You must also, work, race, and play with others who share your love of vintage sports and collector cars. Without the support of my circle of
long time car friends I might never have even tried this move. I have also been extremely fortunate to have developed new friendships with some of the nicest, most helpful, and sincerely genuine folks ever.

So, basically, I need my talented employees, valued customers, and wonderful friends and family to accept my profound thanks for your support and loyalty over these past five years. I’m looking forward to our new projects and next adventures! I can’t wait to see what the next five bring.

We’ll continue to grow, and I’ll continue to have fun…..All aboard!

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“Cars Yeah” Podcast Featuring Sport and Specialty

“Cars Yeah” Podcast Featuring Sport and Specialty

I was honored to be interviewed by Cars Yeah’s Mark Greene, “an incurable automotive enthusiast interviewing successful automotive entrepreneurs who live a lifestyle around their passion for automobiles” for his latest podcast.

You can find the full podcast on his Cars Yeah website where he asked me questions from how and why I bought Sport and Specialty, to what are my favorite cars, and finished with, “If you were a car, what would you be?” I’m pretty sure you won’t guess my answer on that one.

Full disclosure: Mark gave me some of the questions ahead of time so it made for a smooth discussion about classic cars, classic car business, and how I spend my time around all of these incredible machines. While you’re there check out some of his other podcasts, he’s had some really interesting interviews.

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The New Sport & Specialty Website is Here!

The New Sport & Specialty Website is Here!

Last weekend we pulled the trigger and launched the latest iteration of the Sport and Specialty website. All of the digital switches fell into place and with a sigh of relief a year’s worth of effort came to fruition. We had put together a simpler site earlier this year, but we quickly became frustrated with the limitations we had to live with.

Over the summer we got really busy with basic business things and the racing season consumed much of our “free” time. Finally in October we got serious again and put our shoulders into getting the new site up and running.

With content strategist Bill Oakes at the keyboard and me looking at the big picture, I believe we came up with a really nice site. Our goal was to not only tell the story of Sport and Specialty, but to also allow for more individual and ongoing interactions with the classic sports car community. We will be posting my blogs, free classified ads, marque club events and schedules, racing events, offer interesting products, and who knows what else.

My goal is to also post an ongoing series of articles regarding assessing values, approaching restoration work (or not), and any interesting things I find in my travels. I will give a heads-up through Facebook on both my personal and the Sport and Specialty pages when new items are posted. I’m excited about the various fun, educational and interesting ways we can put this site to use.

I bought a ton of storage so we can publish new pictures and archive past events and features. So please, bookmark www.sportandspecialty.com and keep me on my toes.

Remember, we love to host club outings and show off our work! Simply reach out, our phone number (815-629-2717) and my email address is all over our new website. Hope to see you soon!!

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look through all of the sections:

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