The New Sport & Specialty Website is Here!

by | Dec 8, 2016

Last weekend we pulled the trigger and launched the latest iteration of the Sport and Specialty website. All of the digital switches fell into place and with a sigh of relief a year’s worth of effort came to fruition. We had put together a simpler site earlier this year, but we quickly became frustrated with the limitations we had to live with.

Over the summer we got really busy with basic business things and the racing season consumed much of our “free” time. Finally in October we got serious again and put our shoulders into getting the new site up and running.

With content strategist Bill Oakes at the keyboard and me looking at the big picture, I believe we came up with a really nice site. Our goal was to not only tell the story of Sport and Specialty, but to also allow for more individual and ongoing interactions with the classic sports car community. We will be posting my blogs, free classified ads, marque club events and schedules, racing events, offer interesting products, and who knows what else.

My goal is to also post an ongoing series of articles regarding assessing values, approaching restoration work (or not), and any interesting things I find in my travels. I will give a heads-up through Facebook on both my personal and the Sport and Specialty pages when new items are posted. I’m excited about the various fun, educational and interesting ways we can put this site to use.

I bought a ton of storage so we can publish new pictures and archive past events and features. So please, bookmark and keep me on my toes.

Remember, we love to host club outings and show off our work! Simply reach out, our phone number (815-629-2717) and my email address is all over our new website. Hope to see you soon!!

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look through all of the sections:

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