An Anniversary at Arizona Auction Week

by | Jan 15, 2019


This year marks the fifth year I’ve ventured out to Arizona for the magic of auction week. In 2014 I brought the 100R out to offer at Bonham’s and became smitten with the cars, sights, and people. It helps that I have close family here that I love spending time with, but it has also allowed me to connect – and stay connected – with so many like-minded people in the car hobby. I’ve already been busy with judging the Future Classics show and yesterday spent time at Worldwide Auctions checking out their offerings.

Today will find me at Barrett Jackson for an inspection of an E-Type and Andy Reid’s always entertaining tour. From there I’ll head towards Bonham’s, followed by a cocktail reception for The RPM Foundation and a birthday dinner for a friend in from Germany. Tomorrow it starts again.

I will try to post current activity with my travels here and share some of the fun. Meanwhile, enjoy some of the sights I see with my pictures posted here and on Facebook.

I have one word for the week: Sunscreen!!!

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