Arizona Auto Auction Week – Chasing Classic Andy Reid

by | Jan 28, 2016

I attended my first Auction Preview a few years ago here in Scottsdale when our Austin Healey 100R was at Bonham’s. Normally I’m not much of a guided tour kind of guy so I figured I would just walk around with the catalogue and do my own research. But then I decided to take a tour led by Andy Reid, who’s auction reviews I have read for years now in Classic Motorsports Magazine and a few other publications. Since I was keeping an eye on the 100R, I thought, why not?

With a group of about 30 people, Andy led us through an amazing automotive history of European cars. Be it Alfas, Astons, Jaguars, Mercedes, or Porsches, there was an interesting commentary and review. Production numbers, values, developmental history, there was info about it all, including his opinion as an auction journalist as to the collectability. The group was mesmerized and actually payed attention amid all of the shiny stuff around them. Even my celebrated ADHD was abated for the tour.

I had some free time and stuck around after the formal tour was over and learned a few things about Jaguars and Ferraris I hadn’t even thought of. I signed up for one of his tours last year and again was drawn into the detail and uniqueness of many of the cars I may have simply passed over otherwise. Afterwards, he and I talked for quite some time. I found out he represents Hagerty insurance, and decided to reach out as I was shopping to realign my general business and collector car policies. Andy is now my insurance guy, and become a trusted friend. I look forward to his reports in

I spent yesterday afternoon doing another of his tours (see more photos below) and again I learned things I wouldn’t even have thought to ask – and yes – everyone paid attention among all of the beautiful eye candy. If you get a chance to attend one of his previews, do it, because Andy can get me to do something most of my friends will attest is almost impossible, shut up and listen. I always learn something new.

Thanks again, Andy.

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